How It Works



1. Call for your Coaching Consultation/Assessment

2.  Get paired with a Coach that fits your goals

3.  Pick a session package that fits your goals

4.  Schedule Weekly ZOOM video call



Your pricing will be determined based on your session package and Momentum Coach selection. An initial Coaching Consultation call is required before being paired with a Momentum Coach.

Who is eligible for Momentum Coaching?

You have to be a Momentum Advanced Course graduate to be able to get placed with one of our Momentum Coaches. See program details at

What if I need to cancel a session?

We allow cancellations up to a 24 hour window in which you are responsible to re-schedule with your coach.

How much is a coaching session?

Coaching sessions are uniquely priced based on the coaching packages and offering you select. You are able to purchase sessions that vary from packages of 5, 10 or 20. Pricing will also vary based on the coach you select.

Do I have to be physically present to meet with my coach?

No, all coaching sessions will be video based (ZOOM software) and will be scheduled with you and your coach once you are connected.