Marc Christmas

Marc Christmas


Marc Christmas, Mitchell Titus’ new Director of Business Development believes that “life happens inside of relationships.” As a business development executive with over 20 years of experience, this credo has been a strong thread throughout his professional career and has propelled his many interests beyond work. Most recently, Marc was Director of Business Development of the Nonprofit Client Practice at CliftonLarsenAllen and currently serve as Director of Business Development for Mitchell Titus.

Marc began his career in sales with Procter & Gamble. During his 14-year tenure there, Marc engaged with several national retailers and wholesalers, held both traditional and nontraditional roles within sales and eventually led a taskforce that redesigned the then emerging business function, business development. Business development is different from traditional sales in its holistic approach to expanding business, and its non-reliance on pitching solely to buyers.  Marc leveraged the intellectual capital of his existing team to help implement the multifunctional disciplines and coordination necessary for an impactful business development arm.

Inherent in business development is a deep understanding of what the core business is and the nature of the relationships that ground it. Marc’s business philosophy requires understanding the climate and working with people in such a way that signals that he is a resource. The key to his approach is to not seek to sell, but to build upon relationships that are mutually beneficial.

He is also interested in exploring methods to share best practices in leadership training, networking skills and effective communication, since these all lead to making better connections.  Marc believes that networking is simply a conversation where common ground is sought and that it only seems burdensome if viewed that way. In his view, the opportunity to connect is successful when you attach authentic intentions to it.

“I operate in excellence,” and for Marc that means he’s not looking to get it right all the time, but he strives to approach life with intention and tap into personal resources that bring joy to his endeavors.

Marc has many descriptors: father, radio show host, transformational leadership development trainer, Reiki master and reflexologist. Marc is also a writer, whose latest book, Thirty Reasons to Get out of Bed, featuring inspirational poetry and prose is being published soon.