Jeri Stark

Jeri Stark


For more than two decades, Jeri Lynn Stark has embraced transformational principles, incorporating them into all aspects of her life from business to parenting to weight reduction to spirituality and everything in between. She discovered her talent as well as her affinity for coaching and inspiring people toward extraordinary outcomes and applied her entrepreneurial spirit to it. The result has been a coaching practice that has served executives, managers, moms, dads, philanthropists, creatives, students, business owners, activists and more.

Jeri’s expertise lies in “seeing the unseen,” and communicating it to her clients in a way that empowers them to move boldly, confidently and effectively toward their goals. You also might say that Jeri is a master of reinvention, having coached scores of people through life-altering transitions such as career changes, relocation, healthy weight reduction, relationships, adoption, startups, and others.

“The only thing I love more than people,” Jeri says, “is empowering people to have the life they want.”

A native New Yorker and a graduate of Florida International University, Jeri lives on City Island in New York with her 17-year-old daughter, Sarah Lynn Stark, who volunteers as a youth mentor. Together, they are a family that advocates and encourages healing, wellness, joy and fulfillment… beyond your wildest dreams.