Dr. Jackie Nieves-De La Paz

Dr. Jackie Nieves-De La Paz


Dr. Jackie Nieves-De La Paz is the founder of Wealth Enrichment & Fiscal Literacy Initiative, LLC., (WEFLI). Her purpose is to teach others how to become intimate with their finances in order to live an abundant life resulting in Financial Abundance Breakthrough, (FAB). In addition, in her Pa$$ion + Risk Taking + Income one-on-one coaching sessions, she supports clients in identifying their talents, gifts and or skills which could be monetized resulting in an entrepreneurial experience leading to business establishment.  Lastly, she teaches clients how to develop, monitor and evaluate their business finances. Her nitch is to help identify the emotions inhibiting a client from moving forward in any of the above-mentioned areas. 

Dr. Jackie Nieves-De La Paz received a B.S. in Professional Services and Masters of Public Administration from Audrey Cohen College, now known as Metropolitan College of New York. She obtained a Ph.D. in Human Resources Management Development from Trinity College. She has been teaching since 2001. She has completed three coaching courses within the last two years, two of which have supported her with her coaching certification. 

She has taught management courses at Metropolitan College of New York’s undergraduate program and is currently teaching Social Work courses at Touro College’s undergraduate program. For the past 25 years, Dr. Jackie Nieves-De La Paz has been an advocate for individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and their families while working in community-based organizations managing contracts and budgets. Due to her proven track record in managing community-based organizations’ finances, and completing a Master Coach Financial Certification in 2017; Dr. Jackie Nieves-De La Paz decided to start her own business as a life coach concentrating on Personal and Business Finance as well as an Entrepreneurial exploration. Through WEFLI, she provides financial literacy workshops in schools, corporations, and one-on-one and group coaching. 

Area of Specialization: Personal and Business Finance as well as an Entrepreneurial exploration (Career)

Please note above mentioned services could be offered as one-on-one coaching and workshop setting in English or Spanish.