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Customized Coaching Tailored To You

This coaching program is specifically meant for the thousands of graduates who have participated in the Momentum curriculum over the last 16 years. Having achieved great success as a result of their participation, this One-On-One Coaching Program is designed for those who want to continue to create the extraordinary in their lives and partner with a coach in an intimate setting to remove any blocks to living the life that they dream about.

Keep Your Momentum!

Momentum Education is a prominent organization, which provides quality results-driven coaching, dynamic personal development workshops, and highly experiential team building and professional development courses.



“The experiences created at Momentum Education allowed me to really gain perspective and focus. Through many learning moments, and with the help of some of the most amazing people I have ever met, I was able to move past my crippling debt. Since then I have chosen to start my own tutoring company. I didn’t…

Cameron D.

“The trainers clearly are profound listeners and definitly made me feel like the “got” me they presented the content in a rich manner. They displayed a true reflection of the work.”

Landa H.

“Robinson Lynn stands out to me with his ability to be in tune with every detail and person in the space. Robinson is loving and powerful and consistently enlightens the trainings with a perfect amount of insight and personal experience. His kind and generous nature is an absolute blessing to the trainings.”

Andrea M.

“Because of the work of Momentum Education, I’m motivated to go for my dream job I gained the courage to speak up for myself I’ve improved my ways of being to work for me in order to interact effectively with others professionally.”